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Monday, December 9, 2019

Samsung Galaxy 42 MM Smartwatch (Midnight Black)


Samsung Galaxy 42 MM Smartwatch (Midnight Black)

                      Let's do the review of the Samsung Galaxy 42 MM Smartwatch (Midnight Black) LTE editions. So let me give you an overview of this one and what do I feel about the same functionality looks it's very similar to the last year's version. And the reason I'm bringing this one up now is that the regular version that is non LTE the price has fallen quite a bit I was checking Amazon and you can get it for just about 21,000 and the some offers I can go as low as about 17 18,000 and for that price point. If you're looking for a smartwatch. I would say it's a very good one because the build quality is really good and solid, but again it's not perfect, but let me first give you a physical overview about it. And as you can see here is the know this is 42mm.  And this is the color differences as soon as the black one and this looks a lot more classier.

             BUILT QUALITY
                       I like because but even for me this was just too bulky, so this one looks a lot more elegant as you can see, this is having a 1.4inch    Super screen as you can see, and now these are the watch faces you can change it. Press it like this and you can change it. So you have a couple of them. Again, not a lot but gets the job done, I would say, as you can see I'm liking this visual one and you can even customize what you want.  I like because but even for me this was just too bulky, so this one looks a lot more elegant as you can see, this is having a 1.4inch.

                if you press climate has barometer and stuff like that. And also set you see the weather, and then you have option cards. This is a health changes based on that, again, this shows you the calories count, number of steps study of climate has barometer and stuff like that. And also set your heart rate. Automatically through our movie using it, it has optical heart rate sensor at the backs, let me just go back, so you have that functionality, your contacts. Your reminders over your calendar events and stuff you can add stresses place to measure, sort of a gimmick but I would say you have a lot of modes where you can hide whatever you want for running x and also Rocky, for example I go fot morning walk sometimes, and it starts automatically tracking, but it does not have happened immediately after almost 400 instead you walk in and start automatically gathering stats about that. So it's nice if you forget it. But again, if you're just walking for half a kilometer or something like that. Only after about 1100 steps or Sundays, it starts to automatically get all your walking. 

               Multimedia Feature
                      But again, and you can also control the music like any smartphone for example if you're playing, playing any music from your phone you can control it via this one and I'll just throw some stuff over here I'll show you this. I don't know how useful it would be for you but it does have that altimeters, and even though, battlement has all your this is the pressure show so you do have this stuff, and you can add more widgets if you want, all your fantasizes. Now what I like about the smartphone is again smartwatches we use for notifications for example so you might get a WhatsApp notification. I'm just want to get into our WhatsApp notification now and I'll show you. As you can see what this bottle here that means I've gotten a notification to revalue here I got a chance to I can click on it and he says hi so I'll just reply to him, and you have the scan replies over here. As you can see, but let's say I want one of these canned replies, you can add on to what you want, I have a bunch of them. You can edit What do you want to reply to him. 


                          I want to say I'll call you later.....
     I'm just gonna hit this. 
I'll call you later..... How's it going to process. But again, as you saw, about five or six different processes. So not as actually it works. I would say Madrid(is name of Samsung assistance just like Google assistant) is actually pretty slow on this, watch out for what he said was that messages like this, even SMS messages on this 100 recognition takes almost five to seven seconds so this is something that I've learned face when I was using the app and rewatch. So it uses Arabic sweet, yes it works at my thing is that it is a little bit slow. 
                       So I used for WhatsApp replies and stuff but as you can see, it is this is not as fast as Siri, or even do. What do you say, 

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                            But I like the fact that you can use your voice to reply simple commands and stuff and that's actually useful as at watching all those things you even if I press here if I just press here you get all the apps over here. As you can see, you can even call with this one you can make calls with this one. So that's actually nice, some of you were asking. But again, I would say, just use it an emergency or something like that because again the speaker is just okay. And if you're outdoors. The song will be muffled I've used it a couple of times to get calls and pictures over years calling up the call and call. But again, I don't expect that you will take long calls on this you look stupid like this. And again, it's not fitting in a pinch, I've used it to say people can call you later and stuff like that  was so much functionality for me and it's a pretty good as you can see I don't have any issues with that. Also, drops out remove the boxes. This is longer one you get the shorter 120 mm. What do you say strap so you can easily replace this if you want. And this is one of the charging balls. Please form charging  at least two and a half hours for it to charge, and let's not talk about battery because that's the big problem with modern smartwatches, and I've seen claims in media and stuff gaming 45 days of battery life with this one. That is not full on battery life. And I will see any men who do more and often do days of battery life based on your usage. if I get that always on the sleep. Yes, you can do that but again it will bring drain the battery quite a bit more, more connected to this phone because what's the point of having a smartwatch if it's not connected to your about one and a half to two days worth of battery life on this one. And also the same tracking if you're wearing red track your sleeves and even naps. That's actually nice and automatic heartrate also show you the companion app that you get this is my Galaxy forward. 
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                                Let me just go to this this is the basic app that you get, and it gives you an idea about right now the battery is about 38% to four gigabytes of internal storage. And out of that you just get about 1.4 gigabytes of space for storage. I mean, using apps is that going to be a problem. But the good news is, then I might be a limitation, and also in terms of ram you have about 14 gigabytes of RAM in terms of RAM as you can see it says, this 567 Mbps . I didn't have any problems in terms of responsiveness or anything so that's not a problem with this watch. That was actually fine. And certainly White is fine it's running on a Exynos June  processor area is fine I would say the only problem I have is our  voice recognition to my liking. From this, I mean, the smartwatches is to help so you also have the Samsung Hello, and you as you can see it drops to what you are doing all those things, for example, I've already walked for 5807 mile, I'm in for a walk of stuff. So it also has this product face. 

                            What we have done earlier and all those things. As you can see, it gives you an idea. The other day on Monday 13,000 steps I walk, gives you that, and also drops your heart rate and all those things automatically so gives you friends about it. So these are the simple stuff that it does and it also reminds you to adjust to the genesis for a long time, and remind you to get dressed and stuff, and all those things actually work. Notifications also work one noticed as I saw the notification. Most of the notifications, you get a notification sometimes I just don't get a vibration on the rest. 
                   And when I look at it I get that item over here so that is something regarding notifications is also completely customizable. That means just unlock this and let's just go to the Samsung Gear. And here as you can see, you can go to the notification tab and melies notification, you can select which app send you the notifications on the smartwatch and that is completely customizable as you can see, so that's actually a nice thing, because if you enable all the notifications will go crazy. Many notifications. Again, for SMS and stuff for WhatsApp have enabled notifications, as you can see. So, that works for battery life just about one and a half of our full day's worth of battery life, also water resistant, it 68. So technically you can go swimming with this one also identify that part. While working out in the staff, it was very sweaty and nothing happened. That way it's good because I also have to hold on, so I can watch for it. The quality is good it looks solid This is actually made up of metal, not plastic or anything. So all I will say good Android based smartwatch if you are having an ongoing smartphone, I will still see if I compared it with the Apple Watch, Apple watch this is much much better for the problem with Apple watches, you really need an iPhone user doesn't work with an Android phone so if you have an Android phone, you have a very list sizes, as of now for a smartwatch, but not constrained the pricing of this one that has fallen as a faloona Amazon goes on sales and now it's coming down to about 21,000 for this 42 Mmm, William, I feel if you're looking for a smartwatch, you can seriously have a look at this one. Anyways guys, that is my review for the Samsung Galaxy watch 42 Mmm, what do you guys think about the same.


Model NameGalaxy
Item Weight390 g
Package Dimensions13.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 cm
Batteries:1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Item model numberSM-R810NZKAINU
Operating SystemTizen Based Wearable OS 4.0
Included ComponentsSmartwatch, Charging Dock, Travel Adapter, Strap and Quick Setting Guide
Batteries IncludedYes
Batteries RequiredYes
Battery Cell CompositionLithium Polymer
Has Auto FocusNo
Programmable ButtonsNo

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