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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Mi Power Bank 2i Specifications and Price in india

               Mi Power Bank 2i
                  Xiaomi introduction
                     Xiaomi is known for its powerful device. From time to time, the company also keeps the rest of the devices in the market with its smartphones. The power banks of the company are quite famous and are known for offering excellent service at low prices. In such a situation, the company has once again launched a new power bank in India, which is named Mi Power Bank 2i.
         Mi Power bank 2i Price

                     The company has launched its 10,000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i inside the special World Cup 2019 Edition. Talking about the price, Power Bank has been launched with a price of Rs 999. But Now price of Mi Power Bank 2i is 899. Talking about color variants, at the moment users can buy it in blue color. The company launched its red color variant in October 2018, which costs 899 rupees. The device can be purchased from Xiaomi's official online store Mi.com .


                 Mi Power Bank 2i specification
                       Talking about the specification of the 10,000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i, the company has introduced it with a sleek anodized aluminum alloy body. The new World Cup edition of Mi Power Bank 2i is not much different from the standard model. Dual USB output has been provided in the power bank, due to which two devices can be charged simultaneously. Two way fast charging is provided in the power bank.

         Advance Feature Mi power bank 2i
                 Let me tell you, the conversion rate of this powerbank is more than 90%. The company has also introduced low power mode in it, which will have to double press the power button to activate. Let us know, earlier this year, Xiaomi launched three wireless charging accessories in China, which introduced products such as Mi 10,000mAh wireless power bank, 20W Mi wireless charger and 20W Mi wireless car charger.
                      Apart from this, if you want to know about the old powerbanks of Xiaomi or the power bank of any other companies   then you can check out other Post. 

    My Experience with Mi Powerbank 2i
                             Hey whatsup guys my name is Ankit and in this post I'm going to review 10,000mah Mi powerbank 2i which is made in India and made for India. By the way this line from Xiaomi India first let's see the box. Guys this is about on front it says made in India and a picture of the power bank and it says 10,000mah Mi 2i Powerbank on a rear. It says it can charge Mi A1 2.2 times iPhone 7 3.5 times and iPad Mini 1.3 times also says it's support 2way quick charge it mean if you have a quick charge supported charger. Then you can charge it very quickly. And if your phone supports recharge, then it can charge your phone quickly too and it also says it has litium polymer batteries inside this is very good now let's open the box and take a look inside guys. 

      Unboxing Experience with Mi Powerbank 2i
                      First you find the user manual if you want to read it Then we find the micro USB cable, which is foot long. And the quality seems pretty nice. Then we found the powerbank itself it is a matte black color, which looks pretty stunning. on front there is just Mi logo in grey. And on the back there is me.com and some parts number and moving to the top that you find two USB port, one micro USB port for charging the powerbank and for white LED full capacity integration and a button to see the capacity. And on the bottom, there is a lot of things in here like powerbank 2i 10,000mah model number and it also has the input capacity of 5volt/2A  9volt/2A   which means it's support to be charged input and it has the output of 5V/2A  9V/2A and 12V/1.5   for the maximum output is 18watts. So it does support quick charge technology 

                   My 10days Experience with Mi Powerbank 2i
                    By the way, guys, it's been more than 10 days since I'm using this power bank As my primary power bank, I'm really really impressed by this power bank guys, especially the fast charging feature and a dual USB output. I will talk about it in a second. But first, let's talk about the build quality and the design. This powerbank is built with aluminium alloys. It is very sturdy and seems fairly immunized when you hold it. It doesn't feel like it comes fat 800rs only and the design is really premium. You cannot tell the price by this looking at the sizes very compact, less than your smartphone size. And it is pretty slim to 14.2 mm to be exact. And thanks to the rounded side, it can easily fit in your genes and even the weight is very less two to 40 grams to be precise. So there is open saying while carrying it. It says it has 10,000mah capacity, but the actual output is 6500mah and it mentioned on Xiaomi that side Which is a very good thing. And in my 10 days of usage delivers more than 7000 mah. I have Realme C2  which has 4000 mah  and I can charge it two times fully and it takes two hours to full charge for the charging speed and the capacity is pretty awesome. And with 5V/2A, it took six and a half hours to fully charged about and if you had the fast charger should be four and a half hours to recharge your power bank which is pretty awesome considering the price. Now one very important feature lot of guys didn't care while buying the Powerbank but it is very, very important guys which is  pass through recharging. It means you can plug your smartphone while the bank is on charging and the phone will start charging for come For that feature in this Powerbank but the last 2 Power Bank had Only one port for it was really inconvenient if you have more than one phone with you But this time, Xiaomi fixed gives 2 USB port that So you can do vices simultaneously at one time. 

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